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"Such an "eggstatically" good read!

Add it to your home, bring it to your school, and get it for your school library shelves!


As this book was being shared, our family (one-by-one) began getting involved. Our reader would smile or try to hold back her mirth which caused her audience to roll will laughter. The illustrations provided endless discoveries, including the directive to pinch your nose as you read in a nasally voice (a must for page 15). Finally, as with any western... there is a ballad to be sung, re-sung, and sung over and over.


Caution... this tale will be re-read... the tale will be memorized... the tale will be sung... the tale will live on!

So gather 'round... it's time to tell you the tale of a Sheriff named Eggy, about the townsyolk of Yolkville, and the time when the "super stinky despereggos" came to town...."



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How do they take an injured egg off the field?

(They carton him off!)


What position does an egg play in baseball?

(The designated batter!)


What day of the week does an egg fear the most?



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