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Joe Nipote is an actor and comedian, best known to children as the voice of Uncle Stretch from the film Casper, and as Uncle Marco from Suite Life on DeckJoe is passionate about performing for children all across the country, spreading the values of Eggy Yolk. 


Eggy Yolk And The Dirty Rotten Dozen is Joe's first children's book and, like Sheriff Eggy, he loves to crack jokes and make people laugh.  Unlike Eggy, Joe eats eggs every day.


Anna Nipote is an artist and photographer whose work transcends many different artistic genres.


Eggy Yolk is her first children's book.  Like Sheriff Eggy, Anna does not care for all the "hoopla" and would not enjoy wearnig a clothspin on her nose.  Unlike Eggy, she cannot play the YOLKELELE.


Joe and Anna are the children of Josephine and Salvatore, Italian immigrants with a passion for laughter and storytelling at Sunday dinners.  This is their first collaboration.

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If you're a teacher, principal, librarian, book store owner, or pastor and you're interested in having Joe Nipote visit your school for what will be a very EGGSTRAORDINARY and educational performance, then please fill out the form to the right. 

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How do they take an injured egg off the field?

(They carton him off!)


What position does an egg play in baseball?

(The designated batter!)


What day of the week does an egg fear the most?



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