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Joe Nipote School Appearances

Inspirational storyteller

Sheriff Eggy Yolk

"The children thoroughly enjoyed you reading your three children's books and especially loved the illustrated one called Eggy Yolk and the Dirty Rotten Dozen.  Several fourth graders stated they were inspired to write and perform themselves after seeing you today."


Mrs. Deborah Rosenman, Troy School District, Barnard Elementary



"A good test of a quality program is when it is well received by the students themselves.  I had the pleasure of being told by several different 4th and 5th grade girls and boys that they loved the assembly as I passed them in the hall."


"I loved that program."

"That was a great assembly."

"Thank you for having him (Joe Nipote) read to us."


"I can only hope that each school would have the pleasure of seeing Joe Nipote's craft first hand. Fostering the essential skills of literacy is the crucial element that we should always strive to encourage with our students throughout their school days.""


Iberia Brogmus, Ralph Waldo Emmerson Elementary, PTA Coordinator

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