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A Dozen Jokes by Eggy Yolk


"What did one egg say to the other egg?"

1. "You need to come out of your shell."

2. "We might be related, we do look EGGSACTLY alike."

3. "Yeah, well your mother's a turkey!"

4. "Yah, well your father's a chicken!"

5. "Don't go to the beach, you'll fry!"

6. "My favorite song? 'Beat it'!"

7. "Get him to the hospital, he's broke and running!"

8. "I think he met with fowl play."

9. "I hate scary movies, they TERRIFRY me!"

10. "What do chickens do to eggs that people never do? Sit on them!"
11. "What does an egg do on it's day off? Chill."

12."In what event did an egg win a gold medal for in the Olympics? The egg-roll!"

Sheriff Eggy Yolk


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